About us


We are an international trading company, specializing in wholesale trade of automotive spare parts. Whether you are a local distributor or import/export company, we can deliver our expertise in global spare parts’ sourcing and global logistics.




Mission – to become an ideal partner in trading for those working for development of trust and prosperity.

Vision – to become TOP10 global automotive parts’ trading company by 2030.



This is a peoples’ business

We are in business, where trust and relations are as important as our products and services. Bringing together the best of trust, products and logistics will make us your number 1 partner in global automotive spare parts’ trading.


In pursuit of customer success

– We truly understand our customers’ business
– We carefully listen to our customers’ needs and challenges
– We create a pure and measurable value for our customers



– We are transparent and have respect for the individual
– We deliver on our promises
– We do keep secrets



– We are proud of what we do
– We are 100% engaged and committed to our goals and challenges
– We make mistakes – we admit them, we learn from them and never repeat them
– We are proud of our achievements and celebrate our success.


Andrey Kazak
Andrey Kazak
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

He is a nonstop idea and sales generator.

Marius Karanauskas
Marius Karanauskas
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

He is good at putting things in order.

Head of Customer Service
Vladislav Matievski
Head of Customer Service

He knows where your goods are.

Greta Karanauskienė

She supervises the order of the data and documents.

Senior Sales Manager
Nikolai Azhar
Senior Sales Manager

He is responsible for the key accounts in Poland and Southern Europe.

Customer Support
Ekaterina Presniakova
Customer Support

She gives you the best deals and takes care of your orders.

Head of Sales Department
Alexandr Orekhov
Head of Sales Department

He works for customers success.

Customer Support
Liudmila Latsuk
Customer Support

She provides you with the best prices and processes your orders.

Data Analytic
Anastasia Barbarych
Data Analyst

She collects and analyses data to assist in providing the best price offers.

Luis Magana
Luis Eduardo Magana Robles
Key Account Manager

He is responsible for the key accounts in Spanish speaking countries and more.

Anatoly Kozlovsky
Key Account Manager

He is responsible for the key accounts across multiple locations.

Tatiana Lavrova
Key Account Manager

She is responsible for key accounts in German-speaking countries.